How Does it Feel to Smoke CBD Flower?

facts about smoking cbd flower

When it comes to extracting the benefits of CBD, you need to know more about its bioavailability based on the method that you take. Smoking CBD flower is considered one of the best methods of consuming this product. It is known as the best way to unlock the potency of the cannabinoid content 

If you are looking for the best method to take CBD, use this guide to help you make the right choice and to determine if smoking is the best way to do it.


Top Questions on Smoking CBD Flower

The wide availability of various CBD products on the market, such as gummies, teas, and chocolates, makes it more convenient for users to get their CBD kick. However, smoking is still considered one of the best ways to extract the cannabinoid content for enhanced effects. 

Here are some of the top questions about smoking CBD flower and some helpful information that you can use as a guide.


How does it feel to smoke CBD flowers?

This is one of the first questions that users ask when they want to smoke CBD flower. It is not intoxicating; in fact, when you smoke CBD flower, your mind is very clear. The lack of THC content in CBD flower means that it is not a proactive substance. 

The actual effect that you feel right after smoking will depend, though, based on the type of CBD strain that you consume. Some strains can put you into a relaxed mood and others will give you a sense of euphoria. There are also certain strains that will give you a boost of energy. 

Before you smoke it, it is recommended that you take the time to study these various strains and their effects. Some other factors will also impact the sensation that you feel right after smoking, such as the quality of the CBD product, your tolerance level, and the dosage consumed. 


benefits associated with smoking CBD flower


Why is smoking CBD flower the best?

Smoking is one of the best methods of consuming CBD flower because it is quick and easy to do. However, the main advantage of smoking is that you can feel the effects almost immediately, unlike other methods of ingesting CBD that could take some time for the effects to set in. Typically, effects take 30 to 60 minutes before you can feel it. But when you smoke CBD, you can feel the effects in as little as 3 minutes. 

As soon as you smoke CBD, the properties travel to the lungs and make their way to the heart. This is how the cannabinoid content mixes with your blood and is then transported to the other parts of your body. Smoking delivers an almost instantaneous effect on your body unlike other methods of consumption that can have a delay period. For example, when you take CBD orally, it must be digested first before the cannabinoid content can be absorbed by the body. 

There are also other benefits that are associated with smoking CBD flower such as the following:

  • It does not deliver intoxicating effects. 
  • It does not cause addiction, unlike other cigars or nicotine products.
  • It is cheaper than other CBD products on the market.
  • It opens up your airways so that more oxygen is delivered into your blood. 


Can smoking CBD flower get you high?

No, CBD flower will not give you that high feeling. It won’t impair your judgment or thinking at all. It is one of the most common misconceptions about smoking CBD that you need to be aware of.

Instead, you will feel a sense of euphoria or relaxation, depending on the type of strain. You can definitely still function and perform your daily activities. But if you are new to this (such as this is your first time smoking CBD), it might be a good idea to stay home or in a safe and comfortable environment. 

The THC content is what is responsible for that feeling of being “high”. CBD alone won’t cause that effect on your body. When buying CBD products such as flowers or oils, make sure to check for the THC content (not just the CBD content) so that you can prepare for how your body reacts to the presence of the substance in your system.


What are other side effects when you smoke CBD flower?

The “entourage effect” is the term used to describe the additional sensation that you might feel when you consume or smoke CBD flower. As mentioned earlier, CBD flowers and products can also contain THC. But it can also contain a few other types of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and CBC. 

There are still studies ongoing that aim to better understand how the properties of these different types of cannabinoids affect the body. However, they work together when consumed via smoking to create the “entourage effect’. It is important to be aware of what these substances can do to your body so you can prepare accordingly.


smoking cbd flower benefits


Is smoking CBD flower good for you?

Smoking CBD is actually known to provide a wide array of benefits. Hence, it is recommended for medical use in order to treat or manage symptoms of certain diseases and conditions.

First and foremost, it gives you a relaxed feeling. It is a great treatment option if you are suffering from anxiety or depression. It has the ability to soothe and calm your body. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of people like to smoke CBD flower when they are stressed out from work and other personal stuff they are dealing with.

CBD flower is also a good source of anti-inflammatory properties, so it is recommended for relieving pain and other chronic conditions. Regularly smoking CBD flower is also said to lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.

As mentioned above, smoking CBD is recommended in treating anxiety and depression. Unlike existing antidepressant drugs on the market that cause substance abuse, you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to smoking CBD. 

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