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Target Tinctures Cannaffex Focus™ CBD Oil is formulated specifically to treat side effects related to stress, anxiety and attention deficit disorders. We combine pure Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate with a blend of potentiation isolates for maximum bioavailability and a targeted conversion to the CB2 receptors in your body providing relief.



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Focus CBD Isolate for Stress, Anxiety and ADD/ADHD

Focus CBD Isolate oil tinctures combine pure Cannabidiol [CBD] isolate with our patent pending blend of highly targeted potentiation factors. They are formulated specifically to treat side effects related to stress, anxiety and attention deficit disorders. All Target Tinctures are formulated in certified organic, non GMO, Canadian sourced hemp seed oil. They are organically sourced 99.9% pure CBD isolate and certified organic food grade potentiation isolates. Furthermore,, all Target Tinctures come fortified with our exclusive BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD delivery technology. This technology allows for maximum BioAvailability and targeted conversion to the CB2 receptor.

Exactly what is CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is a pure crystaline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. It contains CBD and only CBD, and is great for people who want the beneficial properties of just CBD.

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Featuring BioPrime Technology™

With BioPrime technology, we refine particles to a mere tiny fraction of their initial size. We utilize a sequence of specialized exclusive processes, and this is nanoparticulization. It displays a significant impact on just how the human body absorbs, breaks down and processes cannabidiol (CBD). When CBD particles are decreased in size to sub 300 nanometers, they will take on some very distinctive traits. BioPrime technology enhances bioavailability of CBD upwards to 100x that of the leading brand names in the industry these days. All Focus CBD Isolate oil tinctures we produce in Canada feature BioPrime technology.

Learn more about BioPrime Nanoparticle Delivery Technology


Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small structures, having the size of .01 – 100 nanometers. In recent years, nanotechnology has shown potential in improving nutrient delivery. Cannaffex is using this technology to create products that will improve the way you feel the effects of Focus CBD Isolate oil.

Focus CBD Isolate Size Comparison

A regular average CBD Isolate crystal would measure in at approx 4.44 micrometers (4,440 nanometers). We have refined these very particles down to around 60-100 nanometers thus increasing absorption. If you increase absorption, you decrease the amount needed to receive the same therapeutic effects. As a result, you use less oil therefore saving money.

Taste the difference

Our Focus CBD Isolate oil tinctures come in Mint flavour or Original. The original flavour tastes pretty much like hemp or cannabis with a slight grassy taste. For people that do not like this taste, they can choose mint flavour to mask the taste and make the whole process more pleasurable.

Close Proximity Farming – Focus CBD Isolate

All of our CBD is extracted from farms located within a close proximity from one another. This ensures top-level quality and consistency from one bottle to the next. Due to variations in weather and farms being at different elevations, it is rather important to choose wisely. These differences can affect the quality of CBD oil.

Carrier Oils – Hemp Seed Oil Vs MCT Oil

Both Hemp Seed Oil and MCT Oil are known to work very well as a carrier for CBD. They allow for proper delivery into your system. Hemp Seed Oil provides many health benefits. These benefits include skin health, brain health and heart health. It contains no CBD, but is a good carrier for CBD into the body. Cannaffex uses the highest quality carrier hemp seed oil to deliver CBD where it needs to go. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil on the other hand is also great for your health. However, high doses could result in fat buildup in the liver. Furthermore, some people report cases of severe gastrointestinal distress leading to diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and cramping. As a result, we use hemp seed oil as the carrier for all of our CBD products.

Hemp Seed Oil as a source for CBD

Many companies market Hemp Seed oil as Hemp Oil to mislead the public. They offer a much cheaper oil and market it as hemp oil to make more profits. Dont be fooled because Hemp Seed Oil does not contain CBD. We use hemp seed oil strictly as the carrier for our Focus CBD Isolate oil tinctures. Furthermore, all of our CBD is derived from high-resin industrial hemp plants.

CBD derived from Hemp vs CBD derived from Marijuana

Bottom line is CBD is CBD.. a compound is a compound. It simply does not matter if it is derived from Hemp or from Marijuana. The quality of the CBD is exactly the same. The only difference is that CBD derived from marijuana will contain THC in excess of 0.3%. THC is not wanted due to the psychoactive effects “High” that THC presents.

Focus CBD Isolate Product Features

Focus CBD Isolate Oil – 99% Pure CBD Isolate NON-GMO Hemp Derived CBD
Hemp Seed Oil used as the carrier oil
Certified Organic Food Grade Potentiation Isolates
Made from High-Resin Hemp
Free of Pesticides, Herbicides, Metals and Solvents
Grown on close proximity farms in BC, Canada
BioPrime Nanoparticle Delivery Technology

Important Information
This CBD Isolate product contains zero THC. THC as we know delivers the psychoactive properties of the marijuana plant otherwise known as “the high”. This product will not get you high. CBD promotes wellness for people dealing with pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Focus CBD Oil Features


Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10.7 cm

Original, Mint

Carrier Oil

Hemp Seed Oil


1500MG, 3000MG



11 reviews for Focus Target CBD Oil 1500mg – 3000mg

  1. Hannah B

    Just received my order rather quickly i might add. Tried my first dose and I am feeling it. Very relaxing/calming. We will see if this gets even better. Thanks

  2. Gene

    Excellent product

  3. ibrahim A

    Bought this during the fall sale. Works good for my anxiety and stress which in turn helped me sleep better and focus better.

  4. Barbara K

    Found it hard to get the top off the bottle. Eventually figured it out. Need to press down and turn lol. Like the effects, very calming and relaxing. Shipping was extremely fast as I received it very next day!

  5. Jonsie

    Good product and great value. Calms my head so I can think clearly.

  6. John H

    I find this Focus Oil calms me. Like it slows my brain down. This allows me to concentrate better. I find my memory to be better also. I am using the 1500mg at 1ml per day.

  7. Nathalia

    Everything people say about Cannaffex CBD is correct. Great product and great service. Helped me reduce my anxiety and stress. I think they are one and the same but worked on both none the less. Thx again!

  8. Avery

    This oil is extremely potent, so the price although high is understandable and worth every penny. I am using very little of this to get the relief i need. After sales customer service was great, thanks Matt for helping guide me through the whole process of dosing and thanks for the speedy delivery. Cannaffex is top notch.. will order again!

  9. Harold

    Im not sure what it is, but i do feel more calm and relaxed and i think this is slowing my brain down so i can focus on my day to day tasks and i feel i am able to prioritize more efficiently. and when you do this, it just makes you feel better. Its like a cycle of positivity. This really gets the ball rolling in the morning to get my day on the right track

  10. Laura

    Love the product, but not the price!

  11. Kelvin

    Good product yes, much better focusing

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Using our CBD Oil dosage calculator, you can input your ailment, body weight, volume of product and strength and we will give a suggestion as to your starting dose. Always store bottle in a dark place away from sunlight at room temperature. Always shake bottle before each dosage. Dosage Amount per Dropper To find out how many milligrams of CBD you will get from a full dropper, simply take the milligram strength of the oil and divide it by the number of milliliters in the bottle. For example: a 30ml bottle of 1000mg cbd oil would give (1000 ÷ 30) = 33.3mg of CBD per/mL. Recommended Dosage We recommend starting at 0.5ml taken once or split into 2 doses of 0.25ml taken 8hrs apart. Do this for a few days and increase the daily dosage by 0.25ml every few days as needed. The goal is to start low and go slow and monitor your body and how it responds to CBD treatment. There is no need to start with a large dose if your body doesn't require it, and doing it this way will save you the most money. Warning: If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, consult your physician before use. Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of reach of children.
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