CBD Oil For Medium Sized Dogs – Full Spectrum CBD (500MG)


CBD For Medium Sized Dogs (Canines) provided by Cannaffex offers 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil to provide relief to dogs suffering from various health related disorders


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CBD Oil For Medium Sized Dogs (Canines) Canada 500MG – Dogs 20-60lbs

Your dog is your best friend, your companion. They mean the world to you, and nothing hurts more than seeing your friend suffer. Cannaffex CBD (Cannabidiol) for medium-sized dogs goes to work quickly relieving symptoms associated with immune function, allergies, skin conditions, loss of appetite, stress and anxiety, digestive issues, nausea, arthritis, and joint inflammation, aches and pains, mobility issues, seizures, cancer-related symptoms, and tumors. If you don’t see progress in treatment, it is important to slowly increase the dosage until the desired results are achieved.

A Taste Dogs Love

Dogs are natural grazers of grass and the taste of hemp-derived CBD is very similar to the taste of grass. Most dogs love the taste from the very first time they receive their dose, and others will learn to love it when they associate it with the effects they receive shortly after being administered a dose.

The Full Spectrum Difference

Cannaffex complete spectrum sublingual CBD tinctures are fully bio-enhanced to deliver the complete “entourage effect”, with our revolutionary blend of natural hemp-based terpenes including Ocimene, Humulene, and Myrcene.

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Featuring BioPrime™ Technology

With BioPrime technology, we refine particles to a mere tiny fraction of their initial size. We utilize a sequence of specialized exclusive processes, and this is nanoparticulization. It displays a significant impact on just how our pet’s body absorbs, breaks down, and processes cannabidiol (CBD). When CBD particles are decreased in size to sub 300 nanometers, they will take on some very distinctive traits. BioPrime technology enhances the bioavailability of CBD upwards of 100x that of the leading brand names in the industry these days. All Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures we produce in Canada feature BioPrime technology.

Learn more about BioPrime Nanoparticle Delivery Technology


Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small structures, having the size of .01 – 100 nanometers. In recent years, nanotechnology has shown potential in improving nutrient delivery. Cannaffex is using this technology to create products that will improve the way your dog feels the effects of Full Spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Medium Sized Dogs Size Comparison

A regular average Full Spectrum CBD crystal would measure in at approx 4.44 micrometers (4,440 nanometers). We have refined these very particles down to around 60-100 nanometers thus increasing absorption. If you increase absorption, you decrease the amount needed to receive the same therapeutic effects. As a result, you use less oil therefore saving money.

Hemp (Cannabis) Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction

Both Marijuana and Hemp are part of the Cannabis species of plant. We use high resin hemp plants as our source of CBD. We then use cryosonic extraction using organic cane ethyl to produce a CBD product second to none in both quality and efficacy.

Close Proximity Farming

All of our CBD for medium-sized dogs is extracted from farms located within close proximity to one another. This ensures top-level quality and consistency from one bottle to the next. Due to variations in weather and farms being at different elevations, it is rather important to choose wisely. These differences can affect the quality of CBD for dogs.

CBD Oil For Medium Sized Dogs Product Features

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – NON-GMO Completely Organic Hemp-Derived CBD
Hemp Seed Oil used as the carrier oil
Made from High-Resin Hemp
Grown on close proximity farms in BC, Canada
Free of Pesticides, Herbicides, Metals and Solvents
BioPrime Nanoparticle Delivery Technology

Important Information
This Full Spectrum CBD for medium-sized dogs contains ZERO THC. THC as we know delivers the psychoactive properties of the marijuana plant otherwise known as “the high”. This product will not get your dog high. CBD promotes wellness for pets dealing with pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, and overall general wellness.

CBD Oil for Medium Sized Dogs - Features


Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10.7 cm


Carrier Oil

Hemp Seed Oil



Each 30mL bottle provides 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD for supplementing dogs (canines) Under 20-60lbs 20-40lbs: Standard Dose - 0.5ml twice daily / Treatment Dose - 1ml twice daily 40-60lbs: Standard Dose - 1ml twice daily / Treatment Dose - 2ml twice daily Note: You can increase the dosage by 0.25ml every few days as needed to see if there is more improvement in your dogs health. Use the standard dose for: Optimal health and wellness benefits Immune function Allergies Healthy aging Appetite stimulation Minor stress & anxiety Minor skin conditions Digestive issues Nausea Arthritis & Joint Inflammation Minor Aches and Pains You may increase the standard dose gradually if your pet responds well and requires a stronger effect. Give a treatment dose for:  Chronic Pain, Severe Arthritis & Joint Inflammation, Mobility Issues, Epileptic Seizures, Cancer-related symptoms, Tumors, Severe Anxiety, Extreme Nausea & Vomiting Administer as a general health supplement twice daily. To alleviate pain and inflammation give every 8 hours or as needed. For anxiety, give 30 minutes before expected trigger (loud noise, separation, traveling etc.) or immediately upon onset.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Samuel Rodgers
What a difference

We started our Springer Spaniel (13 yo) on CBD oil about a year and a half ago. He had severe arthritis in his hind legs. We originally went to the vet, and were spending a fortune on meds. So, we decided to give CBD a trial. He's now 15, and going strong. What a difference! He's a bit slow in the mornings, but after an hour or so, we take him for a good 2km walk, no issues (although he's a slow old fart). Highly recommend.

Jackie Girard
Cat Seizures

I have a 17lb male cat that was having seizures. This CBD oil works very well to reduce the frequency and severity of the seizures. It is for medium sized dogs but works great for him.

Still waiting to see if this helps

I’m still waiting to see if this product will reduce my dog’s anxiety and skittishness. I did start slow because he has a sensitive stomach- he’s been at .52c a day for 2 weeks and I don’t see a huge difference yet. May have to up him to .75 in a day or so.

Please stay the course and gradually increase the dosage over time. we suggest increasing by 0.25ml for a few days to a week to gauge how well it is working before increasing again. You might need to split the daily dosage in 2 doses spread 6-8hrs apart to help calm them throughout the day.

Rita Selensky

I rescued a 4 month Maltese puppy who had been left out on a balcony all day, every day for 2 months. He was so skinny, you could see his ribs. As he got older his anxiety grew every time I left the house. He would shake so much, then eventually pee on the floor. In about 2 weeks time, this oil started to work, he is okay now with me leaving the house. He won't take the oil by dropper, anymore, but has no problem licking it off the floor. This oil is a great replacement for the drug that the vet gave him which made him sleep most of the day and unaware of things. Thank you.

April Smagata

My 14.5 yr old Springer Spaniel has bad arthritis. We had him on typical medication from the vet, but we became concerned about possible liver damage from the continued use of traditional meds. We tried Cannaffex CBD oil and it had the same affect on controlling his pain as did the traditional meds. We were so happy! He's been on it since. Thank you Cannaffex!

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