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Premium Organic Hemp Derived CBD Oil in Canada

Cannaffex offers premium organic hemp-derived CBD oil in Canada, including beneficial cannabis terpenes to bolster CBD oil's effect on the body to create the "Entourage Effect" and bring relief fast.

With the popularity of CBD growing every month, there are many brands on the market to choose from. Choosing the right product and knowing you are getting the very best CBD product available is a challenge.

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Why Choose Cannaffex CBD Oil in Canada?

We are a unique brand that takes a different approach to CBD supplementation. We use patented extraction processes and nanoparticulization technologies to bring the purest CBD product to customers containing zero solvents.

We use organic hemp-derived CBD extracted using patented Cryosonic Extraction using organic cane ethyl at -80C. We remove all residual solvents, so you know you are getting the purest product available.

Patented Cryosonic Extraction

We utilize a patented extraction method called Cryosonic Extraction. CBD is extracted in its purest form using organic cane ethyl at -80C. All solvents are removed and the result is CBD Oil in Canada in its purest form.

Increased Absorption / Bioavailability

Thanks to our patented BioPrime Nanoparticle Technology, you will absorb CBD much more efficiently resulting in a faster onset of effects and using less product.

BioPrime Nanoparticle Technology

With BioPrime technology, we reduce CBD crystals to a mere fraction of their original size to sub 300 nanometers. CBD is more readily bioavailable when this is accomplished, and absorption is increased. Increased absorption means less product needed to achieve optimal results, thus saving you money in the long run.

CBD Hemp Oil Canada

CBD Oil in Canada Enhanced with Beneficial Cannabis Terpenes

Cannaffex CBD Oil is formulated with beneficial naturally occurring cannabis terpenes, which work alongside cannabidiol (CBD) to bolster CBD's effect on the body. In our opinion, through group tests and research, we find the results to be superior to CBD with small amounts of THC or other cannabinoids. The absence of THC is also good for those not wanting any psychoactive effects or possible positive drug test results through their place of work. It's important to understand cannabis terpenes and how they work to know what products will work best for you.

Hemp Seed Oil as the Carrier Oil

We use hemp seed oil as the base carrier oil to avoid digestive upset. The hemp seed oil also provides benefits, including improved skin, lowering blood pressure, and promoting heart health. Hemp seed on its own can also reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It only makes sense to pair it with CBD and beneficial cannabis terpenes. Other companies use MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) Oil which is known to cause diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and cramping. We also remove all hemp seed husks as they are only filler and don't have any benefits. The result is a clear CBD oil in Canada product filled with only beneficial therapeutic ingredients.

CBD Derived from Organic Hemp on Close Proximity Farms

Cannaffex grows all hemp organically on farms located in beautiful British Columbia. All farms are in close proximity to one another resulting in a consistent formulation from bottle to bottle. Other companies may utilize different suppliers, resulting in variances in their formulations from bottle to bottle. CBD Oil in Canada needs to be grown in a single solid location using high resin hemp to ensure quality and efficacy from one bottle to the next. Everything about our product is organic, from seed to bottle. We want you to be confident you are getting the very best.

3rd Party Lab Tested CBD Oil in Canada for Quality Control

Cannaffex utilizes 3rd party laboratory testing for its entire premium CBD oil products in Canada to provide utmost quality and efficacy. Tests ensure CBD values are consistent with the product, and it contains no metals, solvents, pesticides, or herbicides.

A CBD Oil Product with Zero THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Many people want the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is associated with the “High” feeling when ingesting or smoking marijuana. We remove all traces of THC from our product and can guarantee zero THC in our entire line of products. With a no THC guarantee, you can rest assured that you will not experience any psychoactive effects, and if you are randomly drug tested, you will not test positive for THC.

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