Benefits of Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

CBD oil, otherwise known as Cannabidiol Oil has gained popularity for its numerous reported benefits in relieving many of the symptoms associated with a vast number of disorders. With this popularity comes some confusion, which the average public needs clarification.  So when companies market Hemp oil and Hemp seed oil people need to know the difference.  Consumers need to understand the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil and what it will in fact do to help them.

So where is the confusion?

It begins with companies selling hemp seed oil and marketing it as hemp oil. They label it as hemp oil and put a very high strength content on the label (ie: 5000mg) at a very low price point. You will see bottles like this for sale online on marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay, and in fact if it was real CBD oil, marketplaces such as these would not allow it for sale on their platforms as they do not allow sales of CBD products at this time. For instance a bottle of 1000mg hemp oil globally sells on average for about 90.00 – 140.00 per bottle, but online you will find hemp seed oil disguised as hemp oil for sale at strengths of 3000mg – 5000mg for only 49.95.



Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil
It is important to read the label and if there is no mention of CBD on the label, then it is Hemp Seed Oil


The low price is the first red flag and the second red flag is if CBD is not mentioned on the label. I am not sure what the strength indicates on these labels and they do not tell you. Strength of what? If its not CBD, then it is 5000mg of what exactly? Hemp Seed oil is very cheap and you can easily buy a 250ml bottle for around 10.00 – 20.00 online. These sketchy companies rebottle it into smaller 30ml dropper bottles, put a misleading false strength in milligrams and label it hemp oil, and as a result the price they sell it for goes up to 50.00.



Exactly what is Hemp Oil


What is Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil is oil derived from the hemp plant. It contains the same quality CBD compared to CBD from the marijuana plant except it has less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Oil (not Hemp Seed Oil) contains CBD (Cannabidiol) which is known to provide a multitude of benefits for people suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, inflammation and more. It is derived from the industrial hemp plant which is not to be confused with the marijuana plant. It contains the same quality of CBD that marijuana plants produce except for the fact that the hemp plant contains little to no THC which is why it is able to be sold online legally. The law states any CBD product must contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal, and hemp derived CBD is just that. Hemp Oil comes from the resin contained within the flower of the hemp plant as well as the leaves and stock. Of course, more of the resin will be found in the flower, however the same quality CBD is also found in the stocks, stems and leaves, just at lower amounts.



Exactly what is Hemp Seed Oil


What is Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil is a nutritious oil which is great for your skin, heart health, digestive health and more, however they do not contain any cannabinoids (CBD)

Hemp Seed Oil on the other hand comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. Using cold pressing or refining, you are able to release all the oil from the seeds which is known to be beneficial for many things such as skin health, brain health, heart health and more. Dont get me wrong, hemp seed oil is great for your health, but it contains little to no CBD at all, and if you are using this for pain relief, inflammation, insomnia or any of the numerous symptoms CBD treats, you will be sadly disappointed.



CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil

Lets try and clarify the confusion.

CBD Oil – Is often described as being derived from the marijuana plant and contains high amounts of CBD and usually equal, more or lesser amounts of THC. The THC content is usually over 0.3% and is therefore considered illegal unless purchased directly from a medical dispensary. Because the THC content is usually well over the 0.3% threshold, users will experience the psychoactive component of the THC, otherwise known as the “High” which is usually unwanted by most users.

Hemp Oil (Hemp based CBD Oil) – is oil containing CBD which is derived from the industrial hemp plant. The quality of CBD is the same versus CBD derived from the marijuana plant and there is less than 0.3% THC which makes it legal for sale online.

Hemp Seed Oil – is oil derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Although rich in healthy nutrients and very good for your skin and heart health, it contains little to no CBD.


CBD Oil from Marijuana vs Hemp

We now know that Hemp Seed oil contains basically zero CBD, but what about marijuana and hemp? They both produce CBD, but is the quality of the CBD from these 2 plants the same?

The quality of CBD oil derived from Marijuana is the same as CBD oil derived from hemp except for the fact that CBD oil derived from Marijuana will contain THC in excess of 0.3% which is commonly unwanted by many due to its psychoactive effects otherwise known as the “high”. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, so CBD derived from it will be rich in CBD only.

When purchasing a quality CBD oil regardless if it is from the marijuana plant or from the hemp plant, CBD is CBD.. a compound is a compound. You want to make sure that when you purchase CBD online, that the company you are dealing with sources their CBD from growers who’s fields are in close proximity of each other to ensure the quality of the oil will be consistent from one bottle to the next. They say that it is best to buy from suppliers who produce high-resin hemp as this means there will be more CBD found in the plant itself, however it does not make the CBD quality any better compared to a plant that is not high-resin. It simply means it will take the processing of more plants to produce the same amount of CBD that a high-resin plant can produce.

Cannaffex sources from close proximity farms located in beautiful British Columbia which supply high-resin hemp. This allows for a premium product that is consistent from the very first bottle to the very last.


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