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Looking for CBD Oil in Canada or have CBD related questions and found our page? 

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At Cannaffex Essentials we are a National Canadian CBD retailer and although we haven’t found proof that CBD oil can cure acute keyboard dyslexia (aka fat finger syndrome), we will keep looking for new research and scientific testing and post here when we do!!!


So no need to re-enter your search!!   We hope to answer all your CDB oil questions below…  LOL!


What is CDB oil?

CBD also known as Cannabidiol, is a natural  compound categorized as a phytocannabinoid and located in the hemp plant. CBD is the non-psychoactive active ingredient that positively impacts all the biological systems in the human body.  Through the human endocannabinoid system it is understood that CBD oils offer a variety of health benefits for human beings and animals.

Will CDB Oil get me high?

Cannaffex CBD products will NOT get you high.  CBD derived from the NON GMO hemp plant is totally non-psychoactive. It will not result in the feelings of euphoria linked with digesting the THC coming from marijuana.  CBD Oil and Salves will not generate any kind of feeling of being “stoned” or “high”.

What are the Benefits of CDB oil?

Many people use CBD to promote a state recognized as homeostasis   The body’s natural tendency to be balanced in all its internal systems. Cannabinoids (CBD) is an important component of the human body’s capability to control and stabilize these physiological systems. CBD is additionally used by many for particular needs such as promoting a good night’s sleep or preserving well functioning joints.

CBD and the endocannabinoid system as a convincing source of healing benefits for managing different disorders and pathological ailments including these below:

• mood and anxiety disorders
• neuropathic pain
• glaucoma
• multiple sclerosis
• hypertension
• cancer
• Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease
• obesity or metabolic syndrome
• atherosclerosis
• myocardial infarction
• osteoporosis
• spinal cord injuries


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Is CDB Safe?

100%!!  Using CBD has shown to be entirely safe and non-toxic if produced from the hemp plant in which all our Cannaffex products are.  At Cannaffex Essentials we utilize strict standards of testing to assure that the hemp sources for our CBD are all-natural and organic and do not consist of any heavy metals, pesticides, or solvents.

How much CDB should i take?

The amount of CBD oil you take depends on many factors such as what ailment you are treating, amount of CBD in your oil as well as your overall size and weight. Please visit our dosage suggestion page for more detailed dosage recommendations.  DOSAGE CALCULATOR

Hemp CDB v. Marijuana CDB?

Hemp CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC and therefore legal to buy, possess and consume.  The CBD molecule in both is the same…CBD is CBD and will have the same effects from both sources, but CBD oil from Hemp will not get you “high”.  All Cannaffex products are 100% sourced from close proximity farms located in beautiful British Columbia which supply Non GMO, high-resin hemp.

CDB Oil near me

All our Cannaffex CBD products are available to you no matter where you live in Canada!  We ship all of our products from our Website to anywhere in Canada with our Express post flat rate shipping. We process and package our orders daily and we try to ship either same day or next in order to get you your product fast and efficiently.  CLICK HERE to view our products

CDB Reviews

CBD oil and related products have had many peer reviews as well  as clinical studies which show the effectiveness of CBD and Cannabidiol in treating condition such as depression, insomnia and chronic pain.   The best and most often honest reviews are from the actual customers who have used CBD and have direct feed back with the product.  Click a link below and select “reviews” to read all the coments from our customers about our Cannaffex Products!

CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tinctures

CBD Oil Isolate Tinctures

CBD Topicals

So whether you were looking for CDB oil or actual CBD oil we hope we answered your questions!!!

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