CBD Oil Dosage for Humans

CBD Oil Dosage for Humans

Knowing the correct CBD oil dosage for humans relies on many factors. These factors differ from person to person, so in this article, we will share some common tips and strategies for knowing your proper daily dosage for CBD supplementation.

Now that you are thinking of trying CBD or you have already purchased CBD, you want to be sure to utilize this miraculous product to get the very most out of it while not wasting any of it. CBD is not cheap, unfortunately, and in these challenging times, money is hard to come by for some.

CBD Oil Dosage for Humans

Dosing with CBD relies on a multitude of factors that differ from one person to the next. Many factors that determine your daily dosage include:

  • Symptoms to be Treated
  • Severity of Symptoms
  • Strength of CBD
  • CBD Oil Bottle Size
  • Weight of Person

Symptoms to be Treated

In general, CBD treats many of the same symptoms associated with a large variety of disorders. Knowing the symptoms you are treating will help you find the proper dosage when using a CBD Dosing Calculator. It is the first step to finding out your starting daily dosage.

Severity of Symptoms

Severity is vital information needed to provide you with the correct starting dosage to start feeling the effects as soon as possible. People with mild symptoms will only require a small amount of CBD Oil, and they should start feeling the effects soon after dosing. People with moderate or severe symptoms would take a larger starting dose.

Strength Of CBD Oil

The strength of CBD Oil is another essential factor. A CBD Oil that is higher in strength would require a smaller starting dose compared to a lower strength CBD Oil. It also depends on the bottle size through too.

CBD Oil Bottle Size

The size of the bottle and the strength of that bottle are two critical factors when determining a starting daily dosage. A high strength CBD Oil for (for example: 3000mg) in a 30ml bottle will ultimately be more potent and more concentrated than a 3000mg CBD Oil in a 50ml bottle.

Weight of Person

Your body weight plays a role in determining the correct daily dosage. Individuals who weigh less require less CBD oil. And with that said, people who weigh more need more CBD oil.

Starting Daily Dosage of CBD Oil for Humans

So What is my Starting CBD Oil Dosage for Humans?

Administer 0.5ml daily to start with 0.25ml twice daily, approx 6-8hrs apart. Do this for a few days and monitor your body. If you do not find relief, raise the dosage to 0.5ml twice daily. Monitor for another few days and increase by 0.25ml twice daily every few days until desired effects are achieved. Most people find relief at 1ml per day, but you may require more or less.

If you reach 1ml a day and still do not feel the desired effects, you may want to consider a higher strength CBD oil, giving a more concentrated dose while lessening the amount of oil you need to administer under the tongue at one time.

How do I take CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is taken sublingually under the tongue. It is essential to keep the oil under the tongue as long as you can, as this is the quickest and most effective way to absorb CBD into the bloodstream. Before swallowing the CBD oil, be sure to swish the oil in your mouth, as the gums are also a great candidate for absorption. After swishing, you can swallow the oil, and you should feel the effects quickly after.

CBD Oil Dosage for Humans Calculator

You can also refer to our CBD Dosage Calculator, which provides information based on the aforementioned factors. It uses real-world data provided by existing CBD users to suggest a starting daily dosage that has worked best for most of the population. However, you can start lower than the recommendations to see if you can get by and feel relief at a lower dose.

Is Age a Factor with CBD?

From birth, our bodies produce endocannabinoids which is a form of CBD. It helps create homeostasis within our bodies. As we age, our levels of endocannabinoids fall, and we become deficient in CBD. CBD is much more effective in the older population because they are already deficient in producing their own cannabinoids (CBD). 

CBD Oil Dosage for Humans – In Conclusion

No matter what CBD Oil you consume, it is always best to start as low as possible and go slow. Monitor how your body reacts to the product after a few days and decide whether you need to increase or decrease your dosage. Everybody is different, and many factors play a role in CBD’s effectiveness on your body. Some people require very little, while some require more. Try CBD and listen to your body, it will tell you what to do.

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