CBD Oil For Dogs in Canada

CBD Oil for Canines Canada

CBD Oil for Dogs in Canada from Cannaffex, the leader in premium-quality organic NON-GMO hemp-derived CBD Oil grown in Canada and infused with beneficial terpenes to enhance CBD’s effect on the body.

Why use CBD Oil for your Dog in Canada?

Dogs are very much like people. They suffer from the same physical and mental disabilities that we do, so we must address these issues as soon as possible, so they feel as comfortable as possible and live the best possible life they can.

Cannaffex CBD Oil for dogs in Canada is not only for older dogs in their later years but also for dogs of all ages who are anxious, stressed, and experience general pain. For older dogs, CBD oil is beneficial in reducing inflammation in joints.

CBD can treat the following symptoms/ailments in dogs

Seizures or Epilepsy in Dogs (Canines)
Seizures are one of the most frequently reported neurological conditions in dogs. Also known as convulsions or fits, an episode is a temporary involuntary disturbance of a dog’s brain function that usually includes uncontrollable muscle activity. Cannaffex CBD Oil for dogs in Canada has been shown to bind to CB1 receptors within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), specifically in the dog’s brain, to calm overactive neurons and improve seizure control.

Arthritis in Dogs (Canines) (Rheumatoid, Polyarthritis, Osteoarthritis)
As dog’s age, their joints begin to wear. The cartilage in joints breaks down, and bones begin to rub together without any cushion. This results in excruciating pain, inflammation and discomfort for the dog. CBD reduces inflammation at the joints and blocks pain at receptors. Even young puppies sometimes are born with polyarthritis where five or more joints are affected. Symptoms include fatigue, shaking (trembling), fever and loss of appetite. It is an auto-immune disease where the dog’s immune system is overactive and attacking the joints.

Skin Conditions in Dogs (Canines)
CBD has been shown to work for dogs’ skin conditions such as inflammation and itchiness caused by allergies, tumours and other unwanted lump growths. It also works well for rashes, redness (irritation), and dry spots. When applied directly to the skin, CBD stimulates the dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and, through repeated applications, goes to work to relieve these symptoms and bring back homeostasis (balance) to the affected area(s).

Stress,  Anxiety and Hyperactivity in Dogs (Canines)
When given the right dosage, a Full Spectrum CBD Oil with added terpenes has calming properties which relax your dog and reduce anxiety. CBD interacts with receptors in the body and increases serotonin which combats the effects of anxiety and stress. By relieving both stress and anxiety, we also reduce aggressiveness and hyperactivity in dogs.

Aggression in Dogs (Canines)
Cannaffex CBD Oil for dogs in Canada will relax your dog and reduce both stress and anxiety when given at the correct dosage. When this is done, we reduce the dog’s aggressiveness as a result.

Neurological Issues in Dogs (Canines)
These disorders affect the brain and nerves found throughout the body and spinal cord. Your dog can feel symptoms such as tingling, numbness and pain. In tandem with beneficial cannabis terpenes, CBD goes to work to block these sensations by interacting with the receptors responsible.

Pain & Inflammation in Dogs (Canines)
CBD is known as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. When we reduce inflammation, we reduce the pain caused by this inflammation. By interacting with core receptors in your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD unleashes potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with the pain. CBD has a positive effect on the canine inflammatory response.

CBD is also a Great Treatment for the Following

Maintain General Optimal Wellness
As dog’s age, they become deficient in cannabinoids (namely endocannabinoids). This results in a variety of health-related disorders for which symptoms can be easily treated by introducing a regimen of CBD. CBD brings homeostasis to your dog levelling out any unbalances in your dog’s system

Promotes Proper Digestive Health
A dog’s digestive system is very sensitive. Certain foods can cause inflammation of the digestive tract which can result in pain and further digestive issues. CBD Oil for dogs in Canada reduces inflammation and digestive pain promotes good digestive health.

Enhances a Dogs Mental Clarity and Performance
When we reduce a dog’s anxiety and stress, they feel calmer. In this state, a dog will be more relaxed and able to be more mentally focused thus increasing their overall performance.

Improves a Dogs Behaviour and Training Outcomes
A regimen rich in CBD alleviates aggression, anxiety and stress. This results in calmness, mental focus and less aggression making a vast improvement in your dog’s behaviour which in turn makes training your dog much easier.

Boosting Immunity to Prevent and Heal Illness
Studies show that CBD encourages white blood cell production in immunodeficient dogs. CBD oil from hemp has also been shown to balance the immune system by reducing the activity of bad cells. Giving CBD to your dog will boost the immune system and help maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

Cannaffex Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Cannaffex CBD Oil for dogs in Canada contains pure organic CBD oil derived from hemp. It also includes a variety of beneficial terpenes which bolster CBD’s effect and increase absorption rates.

Dosing with Cannaffex CBD Oil for Dogs in Canada

Always start low and go slow. The recommendations are included with your bottle, however, you can start at a lower dose to see if your dog responds well to it. No need to use more if you don’t have to.  If really low doses don’t bring results, you can check the enclosed instructions that came with your body and start at the recommended dosage based on the weight of your dog and the severity of the symptoms.

You can also consult a CBD Dosage Calculator and input information to see a good starting dose.

Just like every person is different when using CBD oil, the same applies to pets so start low go slow and monitor your dog’s symptoms. Every few days you can increase or decrease the dose until you have it fine-tuned for your doggie’s health. Once your dog is on a proper regimen for an extended period of time, you can also try to scale back the dosage and see if your dog still responds well (ie: every other day instead of every day).

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