CBD for Insomnia Canada and Sleep Disorders

For many people in Canada CBD for Insomnia can finally let us get a proper nights rest.

All we want is a restful sleep. A time to forget about the days troubles and focus on recuperating for the next day and whatever that day may entail.

We want to just relax, be stress and anxiety free and slowly drift into slumber without having to count sheep or recount all the stresses of the day.

For many, getting a full nights sleep is next to impossible. Many people move onto the next busy day running off 5-6 hours of sleep and doing it over and over again. Sure we learn to cope and we suck it up and get through our days, but as days go by, our overall health is ultimately suffering as a result.

It is important to get the required 7-9 hours sleep according to the Sleep Foundation’s “How much sleep do we need?” to properly replenish your body and recuperate your brain. When we dont get proper rest, it can cause further anxiety, stress, pain and inflammation in the body because our bodies never had proper time to heal and then we move into the next stress filled day on an empty tank further damaging us physically and mentally.

Where does it all end? Its a cycle we need to break.

Not enough sleep causes more stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation in the body which in turn deters us from getting a proper nights sleep and it feeds off itself.

CBD for Insomnia in Canada can help
Research has shown that CBD may help people get a proper nights rest by relaxing the body and alleviating stress and anxiety to put your body into a calm and relaxed state. When we are in this state, we have very little worries and can easily fall asleep.

Terpenes and CBD can help even more
By mixing natural occurring cannabis terpenes with CBD oil, we can further enhance CBD’s effect on the body to make it work harder. Many terpenes exist that promote relaxation, for example the terpenes in lavender calm the body by connecting to receptors in the body. By using the same terpenes mixed with CBD, we can easily direct CBD where to go, and to provide the utmost relief to calm the body into a relaxed state.

When we dont worry or stress, we are able to relax and fall asleep faster. And when we do fall asleep, we have a more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start our day on a positive note.

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