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The only CBD oil that works

After a few months of successfuly treating my dog's allergies and anxiety with this full spectrum CBD, I foolishly tried a different brand of a CBD isolate. Big mistake. My dog's symptoms started to return after a couple of weeks. I promptly purchased a bottle of the Cannaffex CBD and he once again had relief. So did we. This stuff really make a difference to his wellbeing.

Cat on death's doorstep now back to himself.

Last December (in 2022) our 7 year old cat became gravely ill. It was to the point that he stopped eating and drinking and wanted to hide himself away to die. At the vet, x-rays showed he had a mass growing on his larynx . He had trouble breathing because of it. They couldn't tell if it was a tumor, or just some sort of growth. We couldn't afford anymore diagnostics for him with no guarantee in outcome. He was on a heavy steroid dose from the vet at first, and we were happy to have him through Christmas but knew he wouldn't last on heavy steroids. When it came time to wean him off of steroids, I gave him this CBD oil, and still continue to give it to him to this day. He has went back to himself entirely. Although it didn't take away the growth in his throat, he became his happy cat self again. He is still with us 10 months later now and going strong. I believe it's because the cbd oil has helped with the inflammation in his body that caused the growth. Very good product. Our family cat is still alive and well and loved and we are thankful for that!

I'm happy with it.

CBD use

Being totally new to this , I am very impressed with how well it works.

Was skeptical when I first tried it cause I felt nothing but then I noticed my tendonitis went away very happy with the product

CBD Tincture

We are giving this to our 11 year old dog, his mobility has improved alot.

What a difference

We started our Springer Spaniel (13 yo) on CBD oil about a year and a half ago. He had severe arthritis in his hind legs. We originally went to the vet, and were spending a fortune on meds. So, we decided to give CBD a trial. He's now 15, and going strong. What a difference! He's a bit slow in the mornings, but after an hour or so, we take him for a good 2km walk, no issues (although he's a slow old fart). Highly recommend.


This 14 year old kitty has pancreatitis and had almost completely stopped eating. An anti-vomiting pill worked but still no appetite. This CBD product twice daily has her eating kibbles again!

Seemed to make a difference

My cat had a front leg and shoulder amputation. He simply would not take the prescribed pain meds. Since there was no taste to this product, I thought it might work. I put it in his food and though he could smell it, he ate most of the food with a dose in it. It seemed to help quite a bit. He was calmer and happier. He is also taking an injection monthly for arthritis. I’m hoping I can switch to your product full-time after a couple more months

Thanks for your honest review. If your cat begins to not like it in the food, you can simple apply the oil to the inside ear tips also to achieve the same effect or syringe feed it quickly to the back part of the tongue.


I was taking advil for 3 weeks due to a tooth problem. When the CBD oil came in the mail, it worked immediately. No more advil. Dental work done now, but there was still discomfort for another week. Only used CBD. My arthritis is also being eased. I am happy with the product. Thank you.

Strawberry banana cbd

The cbd has a wonderful taste, and vapes very smooth. I am enjoying the oil and look forward to trying the other flavors

Very helpful for our senior cats

We have two elderly cats, one with dementia, and the drops really help to reduce their anxiety when they are experiencing it. Our kitty suffering from dementia will circle and cry in distress, but with the drops and a few hugs I can settle him down into his stress bed. .

As advertised and expected

These replacement coils are perfect, work as they should and have no complaints. Totally satisfied with my purchase

Very Good

I have been taking the oil for a week now and am starting to see positive results with my IBS. I’m hoping to see continued improvements over the next few weeks.

Allergy relief

Our lab has environmental and food allergies that cause a lot of scratching and stress. This CBD oil has given him some relief and has even caused his anxiety.

Incredible quality

I’ve been purchasing this CBD vape juice for 2 years and it has helped immensely with my anxiety and sleep disturbances. Overall, I feel so much calmer and handle stress with much more ease. I switched to the 1200MG and find it to be much more effective. The flavour of Tropical Dream is quite delightful- not too strong and artificial; it’s very natural tasting. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone looking for something to ease their pain, stress, anxiety, depression, or in need of a good nights sleep.

Changing my life..!

This Cbd oil, as literally change my life, pain was all around my legs, from back post-op sequel’s.. after a few days of taking CBD I start to feel the pain fading away and was able to do things again.. and still improving

Cat Seizures

I have a 17lb male cat that was having seizures. This CBD oil works very well to reduce the frequency and severity of the seizures. It is for medium sized dogs but works great for him.


Les coils de remplacement sont super! Toujours en avoir sous la main!

Goûte très bon

J’adore! Très efficace pour mes douleur lié à l’arthrose. Je ne m’en passerai plus! Goût très doux et agréable

Petite mais efficace

J’aime bien le côté pratique et petit. Elle va très bien.

Diabetic cat

I heard good stuffs about the positive effects of cannabis on diabetic feline so I decided to give it a try. It’s only been a couple of weeks since I started it so I am still not sure about the long term benefits of cannabis on diabetes but what I am certain of is that my cat feels healthy and definitely no more nauseated as he used to be. He has a good appetite which I am very happy about thanks to your product. I surely recommend it.

Quality CBD vape juice

Using it before going to sleep has been useful for me and seems to be alleviating. Would buy again.

Helps my cat

I have been using this product at the standard dose for about 6 months now for my 15 year old cats severe arthritis. It has been helping him but now his arthitis is worse. We will be transitioning his to the treatment dose. I know this product will continue to help him.

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