BioPrime CBD Technology – Nanoparticle Delivery

BioPrime CBD Technology - Nanoparticle CBD Technology

BioPrime CBD Technology

BioPrime CBD Technology is based on nanotechnology. It is the study of really small structures, having the size of .01-100 nanometers. In the past few years, Nanotechnology has demonstrated potential in enhancing nutrient delivery.

Cannaffex CBD products use these exact same technologies utilized for nutrient delivery to develop products that will certainly improve the way you feel the benefits regarding CBD in many ways.

BioPrime CBD Technology - Is the study of extremely small structures

CBD Size Comparison

BioPrime CBD Technology - CBD Size Comparison

The Advantages of BioPrime CBD Technology

BioPrime CBD Technology - Increases Bioavailability of CBD

BioPrime CBD Technology Increases Bioavailability

Whenever CBD (Cannabidiol) is ingested, a number of the particles nutrients tend to be lost. This loss of nutrients happens when CBD particles pass through the intestines, stomach and liver. As a result of the particle being too large, the body is not able to completely absorb it. Therefore, parts tend to be lost on the path to where it was intended to go.

Due to the microscopic sizing of Nano CBD, it is absorbed into the human body much more efficiently. Greater bioavailability regarding Nano CBD exhibits a great deal of hidden potential of the cannabinoid. As a result, BioPrime CBD Technology delivers more CBD to where it needs to go.

BioPrime CBD Technology - Less CBD is needed

Less Amount Needed

With BioPrime CBD Technology, less is more. Before the body filters the nutrients from the CBD particle, BioPrime CBD is able to be entirely absorbed. This means that you can enjoy the equivalent therapeutic benefits all while making use of less CBD.

A bottle of Cannaffex hemp cbd oil will certainly last a lot longer as a result. Furthermore, you will also save money in the long run compared to leading brands on the market today.

BioPrime CBD Technology - Faster Onset of CBD Effects

Faster Onset of Therapeutic Effects

Easier absorption of a nanoparticle allows you to feel the benefits from CBD much faster. A faster onset of effects allows you to start with a smaller dose. This allows you to accurately pinpoint the correct dosage needed for your symptoms.

BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD molecules are so small that they will pass through cellular structures such as the blood brain barrier. Using standard CBD molecules, this would not be possible.

BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD furthermore allows for immediate absorption in to the blood stream. This makes BioPrime CBD Technology upwards to 100X more bioavailable compared to competing macro particle CBD.

BioPrime™ CBD nanoparticles delivered sublingually will bypass the stomach and liver. This prevents what is referred to as “denaturation”.

Denaturation is a process where the body’s natural breakdown of CBD destroys up to 90% of CBD before it can be processed. (For instance, a 25mg macro particle CBD dose will equal to as little as 2.5mg after denaturation takes place).

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