Why Cannaffex CBD?

CBD Oil Canada

The therapeutic benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil as well as CBD vape juice or Topical CBD Cream are becoming more and more evident over time. Countless people from all walks of life are turning to CBD over prescription drugs. CBD has little to no side effects, and combats a variety of symptoms associated with many disorders. If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia, nausea, pain or inflammation, try a regimen rich in CBD today to get relief now.

Research is ongoing, and CBD is showing signs that it can prevent certain diseases from progressing. Be sure to check out the articles on our site so you can get caught up to speed on everything related to this incredible oil.

All of our tinctures and creams feature BioPrime nanoparticle CBD delivery technology which enhances bioavailability up to 100x compared to the leading brands of CBD Oil in Canada. Increased absorption means less money spent and quicker onset of the therapeutic effects. Also be sure to check out our line of premium CBD Vape Juice which is vitamin E acetate free and comes with or without nicotine.


Targeted Delivery of CBD

Cannaffex Target CBD – targeted delivery sublingual CBD Oil combines pure CBD Isolate with our patent pending blend of highly targeted BioEnhancers specifically formulated to treat symptoms caused by anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, pain and inflammation and also attention deficit disorder.

Target CBD by Cannaffex is formulated in NON-GMO certified organic Canadian sourced hemp seed oil using organically sourced 99.9% pure CBD isolate together with certified organic NON-GMO food grade isolates.

All Cannaffex Target Tinctures™ are fortified with our exclusive BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD delivery technology which allows for maximum bioavailability and targeted CB2 receptor conversion


CBD Oil for Anxiety, Stress and Attention Deficit Disorders

Relaxing the brain and alleviating stress and anxiety are important to obtain and maintain focus. We use specific terpenes in our Focus CBD Oil to control how CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors throughout the body to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress and attention deficit disorders.

Through calming brain activity and bringing a sense of relaxation, CBD works well for ADD & ADHD.

We use potentiation isolates blended with pure cannabidiol isolate for maximum bioavailability. This paired with our nanoparticularization process known as BioPrime greatly enhances absorption in the body up to 100x compared to competing non-nano brands on the market today.

Focus CBD Oil Tinctures Canada
Cannaffex focus CBD oil tinctures Canada

CBD Oil for Pain & Inflammation

Many CBD oils on the market provide general overall relief for a variety of symptoms associated with many disorders, but not many of them go to work to treat specific symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Cannaffex Relief CBD Oil targets specific symptoms directly so that CBD is not wasted and is solely focused on relieving symptoms of pain and inflammation. CBD is used by many for treating both pain and inflammation and more and more people are turning to CBD instead of pharmaceutical drugs which often have many unwanted side effects.

Using Nanoparticularization, we shrink CBD crystals to a mere fraction of their original size. This nano technology is referred to as BioPrime and it allows for direct absorption in the blood stream making Cannaffex Relief CBD Oil up to 100x more bioavailable compared to competing macro particle CBD brands.

When taken as directed, Relief CBD Oil goes to work by attaching to CB2 receptors in the body. The patent pending blend of highly targeted potentiation factors (terpenes/flavanoids) deliver CBD where it needs to go to relieve pain and inflammation directly.

Cannaffex Relief CBD Oil Tincture Canada
Cannaffex relief CBD tinctures Canada

CBD Oil for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Getting a good nights rest is important for proper functioning during the day. Many people have alot on their mind and stress leads to anxiety, which makes falling sleep and staying asleep very difficult for some. Using CBD for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders is a good idea to get both quality sleep and to fall asleep quickly. It is important to adjust the dosage up or down until you are happy with the results. Too little or too high a dosage may have adverse effects, so its important to start low and go slow and monitor your body to see how it reacts and adjust accordingly.

Cannaffex Relax CBD Oil goes to work by targeting receptors in the ECS (Endocannabinoid System), specifically CB2 receptors to alleviate symptoms associated with insomnia and sleep disorders.

Furthermore, Cannaffex CBD Oil is formulated with patented blends of potentiating factors (terpenes and flavanoids) which help deliver CBD where it needs to go providing the relief you need.

All Cannaffex CBD Oil formula’s feature BioPrime Nanoparticularization Technology which shrinks CBD crystals to a mere fraction of their original size. This enhances absorption by directly entering the bloodstream as opposed to being lost in the digestive tract and eventually being wasted. CBD is up to 100x more bioavailable with BioPrime technology compared to leading macro particle CBD brands on the market.

Cannaffex Relax CBD Oil Tinctures Canada
Cannaffex relax CBD oil tinctures
BioPrime Technology

Introducing BioPrime Nanoparticularization Technology

Introducing BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD delivery technology to help your body absorb every last drop, and receive the ultimate benefits that CBD has to offer. Available now in our CBD Oil Tinctures and Topical CBD Cream products.

A BioPrime™ nanoparticle is a much smaller variation of a particle which has been accomplished through a series of complex exclusive processes in which the primary particle has been refined down to a mere fraction of it’s original size.

BioPrime™ nanoparticulization has a significant effect on how our bodies absorb, break down and process Cannabidiol (CBD). Once the CBD particle has become reduced in size to sub 300 nanometers it takes on some very unique characteristics when compared to its former macro particle variation of it self.

What does this mean for you? Well, with the vast reduction in size, your body is able to absorb more of the CBD particles nutrients which in turn means less CBD oil is needed to get the same effects that you would with alot of the CBD oils on the market today thus saving you money from the start.

Easier absorption of the nanoparticles also means a faster onset of the beneficial effects that CBD has to offer. Also with BioPrime™, you get a water soluble solution which allows more ways to consume the cannabinoid as it can be mixed with anything. When purchasing CBD Oil in Canada, look for the BioPrime name and know you are getting the very best!


Full Spectrum CBD Oil & CBD Isolate Oil

When CBD was first introduced to the market, the main oil available to many was CBD Isolate Oil. It was 99.9% pure CBD Isolate mixed with a carrier oil of either hemp seed oil or MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride) oil. It worked at relieving symptoms of anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, insomnia and more. It worked very well and had little to no side effects. Very little was needed to get the job done and many to this day prefer CBD Isolate when finding relief for their symptoms.

Full Spectrum came along and was basically CBD with additional cannabinoids or terpenes which work together to bolster the effects of CBD on the ECS(Endocannabinoid System). Some will say that THC is needed to help increase CBD’s effects on your body, however we believe that THC is not needed and that terpenes (monoterpenoids) and flavanoids play a more significant role in elevating CBD’s potential to provide the utmost relief of symptoms thus creating the “entourage effect”.

CBD Isolate is a good choice for people that want CBD in its purest form and may experience unwanted effects with Full Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum is a more superior CBD oil compared to Isolate, however it is not for everyone. If CBD Isolate Oil works well for you and you are happy with the results, then by all means continue using it. If you are not receiving the results you are looking for while using isolate, then definitely try Full Spectrum CBD Oil.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Full Body Overall Well Being

Cannaffex Full Spectrum CBD Oil features BioPrime nanoparticularization technology which shrinks CBD crystals to a tiny fraction of their original size. This allows for increased bioavailability up to 100x and enhanced absorption into the bloodstream.

Full Spectrum uses NON-GMO hemp derived CBD which is organically grown on close proximity farms located in beautiful British Columbia. No pesticides, herbicides, metals or solvents are used during the manufacturing process, so you know you are getting pure quality CBD from one bottle to the next.

Cannaffex Full Spectrum CBD is bio-enhanced with our proprietary blend of natural hemp derived monoterpenoids and flavanoids for a complete “Entourage Effect” and conversion at receptor CB2 within the ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

Full Spectrum CBD Oil is great for overall well being, calming, relaxation, pain, inflammation (arthritis), insomnia and more.

Cannaffex Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada
Cannaffex full spectrum CBD oil

SeaSalve Topical CBD For Relief

Cannaffex Topical CBD Cream is formulated using all-natural ingredients to penetrate skin and go to work quickly and efficiently. This topical CBD cream supplies 300mg of 99.9% pure CBD Isolate which is perfect for relieving pain, inflammation, arthritis, neuropathy, psoriasis, eczema and more.

SeaSalve all purpose topical CBD salve cream fortified with BioPrime™ nano-particle CBD delivery technology combines the unique healing properties of pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate with the bio enhancing powers of Pacific Ocean derived ionized nanoparticle trace minerals. In addition, SeaSalve is further bio-enhanced via our proprietary patent pending blend of natural potentiation factors including organic monocyclic monoterpenoids, organic flavanoids  and essential oils (Frankincense & Myrrh).

Cannaffex SeaSalve Topical CBD Cream Canada
Cannaffex topical CBD seasalve

CBD Vape Juice in Canada

Cannaffex offers premium CBD vape juice for relief of mild symptoms such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation and insomnia. It is a great all day vape to relax the body and mind and bring calmness.

We use 99.9% pure CBD isolate mixed with real fruit and spice extracts which are all organic. The CBD used is also organic, NON-GMO and derived from hemp so there is zero THC.

Our CBD vape juice comes with or without nicotine in formulations that are 100% VG, 75%VG/25%PG or 50%VG/50%PG. Each bottle is 60mL in size providing 600mg of premium CBD which is 10mg/mL.

CBD vape juice is best when vaped in a device that is below 15W. It is not recommended to be vaped in larger sub-ohm devices. Experience the very best in CBD vaping and try Cannaffex CBD vape juice today!

Cannaffex CBD Vape Juice Canada
Cannaffex CBD Vape Juice Canada

CBD For Pets (Dogs & Cats)

Sure CBD has shown great results in humans seeking relief from various symptoms associated with many disorders, but it doesn’t stop there. Dogs and Cats suffer the same afflictions as humans and they also need relief. CBD works just as well with both dogs and cats providing relief of symptoms such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, arthritis, seizures and more.

Do you have a cat or dog that is easily stressed and is in fear alot of the time? Taking CBD can help calm your pet so they feel more relaxed. In lab studies, CBD has also been known to shrink certain tumors although this has not been tested in humans, dogs or cats.

Cannaffex Pet Dog Cat CBD Oil Canada
Cannaffex Pet Dog Cat CBD Oil

CBD Research Studies & Reviews

At Cannaffex, our goal is to inform customers about our product and how it can help them. We study CBD on a daily basis and want to make sure each and every customer is informed of the benefits that CBD has to offer.

As CBD’s popularity grows with each passing day, it is important to get the facts on how CBD can benefit you, and how CBD is evolving into one of the most important forms of all-natural treatment with little to no side effects.

Feel free to browse our directory by disorder and find out all the new advancements being made. Also be sure to check back from time to time and find new articles about CBD and how research is expanding and new findings are surfacing on this overly abundant natural miracle.


Learn About CBD Through Research

CBD is being used in a variety of applications to help people cope with a number of different symptoms related to a variety of sometimes debilitating disorders. Through research studies we are finding that CBD is much more than people once thought. We know that CBD helps with Stress & Anxiety giving people a sense of calm and relaxation, but it also helps to alleviate many other symptoms associated with many other ailments.

Through extensive research done by top researches in the field of cannabis, we are exploring CBD’s potential and new exciting things are coming to the surface.

CBD Research Studies & Reviews Canada
CBD Research Studies & Reviews Canada

What is CBD?

CBD which is short for Cannabidiol is one of 113 known cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis species of plant. It interacts with receptors in the human body to regulate endocannabinoid levels. A body that is deficient in endocannabinoids or overactive plays a role in many of the disorders we are affected with.

Is CBD legal in Canada?

CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol is legal in Canada. It is legal without prescription if it has a THC content below 3%.

Will CBD oil get you high?

Cannaffex CBD products are developed using only industrial hemp-derived CBD which contains zero THC guaranteed. Cannaffex CBD is totally non-psychoactive and will not get you “high” nor will it negatively impact your mental processes. You will receive 100% of the benefits of CBD without any of the marijuana side effects.

What are the benefits of taking CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol ) has been beneficial for a wide variety of health issues. There is strong scientific evidence is for its effectiveness in treating epilepsy and commonly used to reduce anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. With all the purported benefits of CBD oil and CBD Vape products, users see positive interactions with their health issues while seeing very little to no side effects.

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